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We know our kids are getting older when we unsubscribe from the Gymboree email list and forget how Gymbucks work.

We know we are getting older when competing in an obstacle run and then standing for five hours at an outdoor concert the same day nearly incapacitates us for the following 48 hours.

We know summer is nearing an end when the back to school ads arrive in the Sunday paper.

We know a situation or person was toxic when ridding ourselves of that weight brings unimaginable peace.

We know we’ve gained weight when the elastic-waisted skirts start to feel a wee bit confining and we wonder what the next step is after elastic before we have to go up a size.

We know it’s time to have the car detailed when we can’t quite remember the original colors of the floor mats and leather seats.

We know it’s time for a pedicure when we legitimately injure ourselves by accidentally scraping a heel against the opposite leg getting into bed.

We know laundry has been put on the backburner too long when we seriously consider making a fifteen minute trip to the store for clean socks because it will be faster than the 1.5 hours it would take to wash and dry the dirty ones.

We know we are behind on current events when there are 11 newspapers still in delivery bags in the entryway. I suppose the fact that we read newspapers is a pretty good sign, too.

We know a new song is awesome when we immediately google the lyrics to find out who sings it so we can buy it and play it over and over again somewhat obsessively.

We know a shirt at the store is going to be wildly out of our budgets when we fall in love with it and want it more than any other shirt we’ve ever seen in our lives.

We know it’s time to head to head to the salon when we put our hair in a ponytail every day to try to disguise the grays or outgrown roots.

We know the kids won’t fall asleep until two hours past bedtime when we have 1,000 tasks we hope to accomplish after they’re asleep.

We know we have incredible friends when we can communicate every day and not get sick of them, or, conversely, when we can go months without communicating and it’s still okay because we know they’ll be our friends forever. And that the next time we talk it’ll be like no time has passed at all.


Sign graphic used under creative commons license from Nicolas Raymond.

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